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Compound Salvia TabletCompound Salvia TabletCompound Salvia Tablet

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Compound Salvia Tablet specification
Please read the instructions carefully and use it under the guidance of a doctor.
Pregnant women with caution
[drug name]
Generic name: Compound Salvia Tablet
Chinese Pinyin: Danshen Pian Fufang
[ingredients] Salvia miltiorrhiza, three seven, borneol.
[properties] this product is coated, after the coating was removed brown to tan; aromatic, slightly bitter taste.
[action] blood stasis, Qi pain. Qizhixueyu due to the chest pain symptoms, chest tightness, precordial tingling; angina pectoris of coronary heart disease who see these syndromes.
[Specification] tablets (equivalent to 0.6g).
[usage and dosage] oral administration. 3 tablets once a day, 3 times a day.
[ADR] occasionally in individual patients allergic rash, dry mouth, nausea, abdominal discomfort, headache and neurological symptoms such as adverse reactions.
[taboo] is not clear.
[note] pregnant women with caution.
[storage] seal.
[packing] plastic bottles, each containing 60 tablets.
[Effective] 24 months.
[executive standard] "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" 2010 edition of the first supplement.
[approval] Zhunzi Z44021829
[manufacturing enterprise]
Company name: Guangzhou yuekang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Address: Yonghe Yongsheng Road Guangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone No. 10
Zip code: 510530
Service hotline: 32225859 - 020
Fax number: 32225856 - 020