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 Founded in 1988, Youcare Pharmaceutical Group set up its manufacturing factories and headquarters at Beijing Economic & Technological Development Area in 2001. It is a diversified pharmaceutical group integrated with new drug R&D, manufacture, circulation, and marketing.
Since its foundation, Youcare has set up a base of raw materials in Anhui and four major bases of drug preparations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chongqing by focusing on the three main tasks of manufacturing products with high quality, improving the producing capacity, and completing the industrial chain. From 2008 to 2012, Youcare was listed on “China’s TOP 100 Pharmaceutical Companies” every year and ranked 40th in 2012 and was honored “Top 10 in R&D” in 2012. In 2010, Youcare was selected in the first batch of “Target of 10 Billion Profit Focusing Training Project” of Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Park, entered the first batch of Beijing biological medicine industry spanning development project (G20), and also identified as the key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Plan by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Besides, Youcare has been accredited as China’s Potential Enterprise on Forbes, U.S for several consecutive years.
Innovation is Youcare's development strategy and responsibility. From imitation to innovation, from generic drugs to new drugs, Youcare incessantly developed well drugs that common people needs. At present, our products have covered many therapeutic areas such as antibiotics, gastrointestinal drugs, cardio-cerebrovascular, antineoplastic, immunomodulation, antiviral, and hypoglycemic, and we have various preparations such as vial injection, lyophilized powder for injection, tablets, capsules, granules, suppositories, pastes and gel, etc. Among the above mentioned products, cephalosporin powder for injection preparation series and digestive pellet sustained release preparation series have the leading position in both production and sales in the domestic market for years.
Youcare not only focuses on the domestic market, but also aims at the international market. For now, we have more than 70 regulatory products registered and sold at over 40 countries and regions, such as Russia, Pakistan, Africa and Latin America, etc. In 2011, the production lines of Youcare solid tablets and capsules were certified by EU GMP, and the certified products representative, omeprazole enteric capsule, entered the German market, which laid the foundation for expanding both the European and American markets.
"Creation of global joy, Care of human health" is the long-term concept Youcare observed. Taking "HEHE Culture (cooperation and harmony)" as root, Youcare actively integrates the home and the abroad together, and strives to create a leading famous brand within pharmaceutical industry with its integrity and diligence.