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Health is one of the eternal themes of human pursuit. From all corners of the country Yue Kang will be the pursuit into forward momentum, we are committed to continuous research, development and promotion of new products, to help human to cure the disease, relieve pain and improve the quality of life.
Youcare Pharmaceutical Group in many fields for patients to provide effective product, including digestive, cardiovascular, cancer, anti infection areas, of which antibiotic products ranks the leading position.
To choose the pharmaceutical industry, it is necessary to be responsible for life! Drug quality is only one hundred points, ninety-nine points is equal to zero, which is Yue Kang people's oath. We aspire to be the best medicine in China, we are committed to make our products reach and exceed people's expectations, so that people's lives better! Let yuekang become synonymous with high quality, trustworthy!
Yue Kang and look forward to exchanges and cooperation from all walks of life, is willing to work with all the health care industry colleagues to work together to create a better future!
                                          Youcare Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. chairman Yu Weishi