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 Guangzhou yuekang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Guangzhou Youcare Biopharmaceutis Co., Ltd.)
Yonghe Yongsheng Road Guangzhou City Yonghe Economic and Technological Development Zone No. 10
Guangzhou yuekang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Youcare Biopharmaceutis Co., Ltd. Department youcare Pharmaceutical Group, a subsidiary of, was established in 2007 and 2010 in Guangzhou City Yonghe Economic Zone Investment 2 billion yuan in the construction of the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine production base. Plant area of 25000 square meters, of which production workshop area of 15000 square meters, all the workshop in accordance with the new version of GMP for design and construction, and the use of automated production equipment. Production capacity of 45 tons / day granules, 30 million tablets / day, 280 thousand bottles of pills per day.
Company on February 26, 2012 made pills a new version of the GMP certification; on July 27, 2012 made granules, tablets a new version of the GMP certification; on 26 March 2015 obtained the approval certificate of foreign pharmaceuticals manufacturing; January 2016 years 1 month, the company pharmaceutical production license successful replacement.
Guangzhou yuekang has with Sun Yat sen University, Southern Medical University, the Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Institute of technology signed cooperation agreement, provides adequate research and human resources advantages, at present, junior college and above accounted for 30% of the total number of companies; pharmacy, medicine, biological engineering accounted for 29.5% of the company, has long been engaged in the production of pharmaceutical technicians accounted for 65.7% of the total number of companies.
Company to "drug quality only 100 hours. 99 points equal to zero!" the quality of ideas to manage the whole production process, improve the GMP quality standard system, fundamentally guarantee the yuekang products of high quality. "To create a world of joy, human health care" is the goal of Yue Kang who diligently strive after! Yue Kang will under the guidance of "harmony" culture, good governance, excellence, forward to the goal of creating a new pharmaceutical industry aircraft carrier, for the cause of human health and contribute.